John Krasinski

Going into this drawing, I knew I’d be taking my time, layer by layer, and building up the details with patience. I feel I work better when I have these expectations in my brain before starting a drawing. It worked out pretty well.


Of course John Krasinski is best known for playing Jim Halpert in “The Office”. I loved that show and a big Jim and Pam fan. I remember getting tingles about those two when they first kissed or when Jim gave his “I was waiting for my wife” speech.

Oh, and Aloha looks really good.

This drawing is 11×14 inches. HB-6B pencil.

Keep Drawing!

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Nicole Kidman: Redraw and Video!

Back in early 2003, I did this drawing of Nicole Kidman.


Pretty good, huh? Yeah, I didn’t think so either, even at the time I finished this. Back in the day, I didn’t see mistakes until I was done drawing. I saw her face was way too wide, the hair was off, and the eyes were off. I was never proud of this one.

However, since I still had the magazine picture, I was always tempted to give it another shot. So here is the updated drawing, 12 years later.


9×12 HB-6B pencil. About 6-8 hours.

Story time! In 2007, my sister, my mom, and I got coveted bleacher seats on the Red Carpet of the Academy Awards (the year Martin Scorsese and The Departed won) . For us movie nerds, this was amazing. I could go on and on about all I loved about being there and seeing the actors I love, in the flesh.

One thing I did notice is how TV ready every actress was, make up wise. They were heavily made up and, in person it’s more noticeable. But Nicole Kidman hardly looked like she was wearing makeup at all, she’s that flawless. She’s gorgeous. Below is the picture I snagged of her when she came to the bleacher side of the carpet to sign autographs. Something only her and Will Smith did, by the way. Respect!


Here’s the speed drawing video. Enjoy!

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Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out

I started this Jennifer Lawrence drawing last week and was actually filming it. After about 2 1/2 hours I called it a night, feeling frustrate that it wasn’t turning out at all how I wanted. I wanted to fix it but lacked all motivation every time I looked at it. Today I picked it up and worked on it for about an hour. Still unsatisfied, I’m walking away. I feel good about it though. I did all I could. But it’s one of the worst I’ve done in a while, I’ll just admit that first. I think my first mistake was putting it on the gray paper.


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My Own NSYNC Poster

I have to talk about this. When I was senior in high school, NSYNC was at its peak of popularity and I was a huge fan. I’ve mentioned a long time ago here that I loved drawing the NSYNC guys in my early days of portrait drawing.

So here’s what happened. I had learned about putting a grid on a picture can be used to easily enlarge it for drawing. Rolling Stone magazine had this picture of NSYNC in one of their issues.

So I put a rather small grid on the back of a copy of the picture. Numbered each square and cut out the squares. I thought this would be fun to make into a puzzles of sorts. I would blow up these tiny squares onto a 3×3 inch paper, numbering the larger pieces as I went so I could easily put the drawing together when I was done. This method would allow me to draw during classes at school, one square at a time. Which I did.

This drawing would end up being 3 ft wide and 4 ft tall. Crazy big.

So it took me over a month to complete all of the squares. I laid them out and glue sticked them onto two poster boards, taped together, which made the perfect size I needed. Then I fixed any errors and lines that didn’t match up, but I was surprised how well everything turned out. I then thought in my ambitious mind, “this needs color”, so I used colored pencil for the first time ever for portraits on this.

I wasn’t done yet. You see, NSYNC is wearing glitter suits! I’ve got to put glitter on those suits! (My 16 year old brain thought.) So I bought white glitter, black glitter, and of course, silver glitter. The reason for 3 glitters is because of the shadows and highlights on the suits won’t be seen with just silver glitter. So I used good ol fashioned Elmer’s glue and would paint it on and glitter what was needed.

This project took, if I remember correctly, over 2 months. I finished it a week after I graduated high school, May 2000. This drawing is still barely clinging to my old bedroom wall in my moms house. And it freaks my husband out whenever we have to sleep in there. Who knows what while happen to the drawing in the end, but there it remains for now.

Completed project.

Glitter Detail





Last, but not least, Justin

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The Christus

This next drawing is of the statue called Christus created by Danish sculpture Bertel Thorvaldsen. He was commissioned by the Church of Denmark to make a statue of Christ as well as His 12 apostles. Completed in 1838, the original statues stand in Copenhagen in the Church of Our Lady.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon), I have seen this sculpture many many times growing up. A replica is in AZ near where I live and I’ve looked up into the face of this statue many times. I can’t help but feel a stirring in my soul when I do.

At Christmas, I decided I wanted to draw this statue, I tried taking good pictures of my own, but they just didn’t have good enough quality, so I found a great picture online. Someday I may have the confidence to go out and draw things like this in life.


The drawing is only a 9×12, so the features were quite small. A mechanical pencil was a must to keep a sharper point so it’s all in HB graphite and white charcoal pencil. This drawing took about 10 hours to do. Maybe more, I didn’t really keep track but it was about a week of work.

Keep Drawing!

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Benedict Cumberbatch With Video!

Happy New Year! As I’m typing this up, it is 45 minutes until 2015 is here. It’s a year I’m really looking forward to. I have fun stuff planned for this year.

I’ve learned so much about drawing this past year, even in the past month! My perspective and approach to drawing has changed and, I hope, improved. I’m finishing the year with a speed drawing of Benedict Cumberbatch. It was another quick drawing, about 3 1\2 hours total, but I think it turned out pretty good and more polished than my Tom Hanks from a couple weeks ago. Enjoy!


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Two More Bargues

Have I yet mentioned how much I love doing these Bargue drawings? It’s a lot of fun. I love the simplicity of it and that I don’t feel rushed to do them. It’s almost therapeutic. I didn’t draw during the Christmas festivities and I think I realize now that I need to do a little bit of drawing every day, or at least every other day.

I finished this first one of the foot about 10 days ago. The second one I finished two nights ago.



This was my first time drawing a “nude butt”. And judging by other sources I have planned, it won’t be my last. ;)

Keep Drawing!

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